Mission Statement

Bedlington Terrier Club of America-HEART

The BTCA - Heart is a non-profit rescue organization 501 (c )(3) dedicated to the protection and welfare of Bedlington Terriers. Our mission is to rescue, foster and facilitate placements for any Bedlington Terrier, nation-wide, in need of a home and a safe environment. We carefully place each dog in a new loving, supportive and permanent home appropriate for that particular dog and family.

Check out the new addition on our Dog Rescue Stories page:  "Jim: The Story of a Diamond in the Rough (Ruff?)!"

Donations to HEART made be made on our "FORMS" page!  We accept checks, credit cards and Pay Pal for your convenience!

BTCA-Heart Fundraiser 2015

These beautiful cards, depicting a Bedlington Terrier to the rescue, were drawn by John Clarke. Mr. Clarke is a New Englander and close friend of Hope Finn, a BTCA member. He recently gave HEART permission to use his art as a fundraiser. We thank John for his generous contribution to Bedlington Terrier rescue and encourage everyone to place an order for these adorable cards! Please use the order form on our Fundraising page and thank you, in advance, for helping Bedlington Terriers in need.
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